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Tongue Ties in Adults

Adults living with tongue ties may face a range of symptoms, from speech difficulties and discomfort while eating to snoring and sleep apnea, affecting overall quality of life. Our comprehensive approach not only addresses the physical aspects of tongue ties but also offers solutions for the related conditions, providing a path to improved health and comfort.

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Specialized Technique

Dr. Soroush Zaghi developed a simple, effective method for fixing tongue ties, known as The Zaghi Method. This process ensures the tongue works properly.

First, we numb the tongue area, then carefully cut the tight tissue with a modern CO2 laser. A therapist checks the tongue's movement during this to make sure it moves right.

After improving the tongue's movement and removing any extra tissue, we stitch the area to heal quicker and avoid scars.

Occupational therapy with special exercises is a key part of treatment before, during, and after the procedure to ensure the best results.

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What is a tongue tie?

The strand of tissue shaped like a cord (lingual frenulum), that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth, can sometimes be too short, causing a restriction in movement and strength of the tongue.

 Although most of the time the tight frenulum is easy to see and identify, sometimes the tight cord is underneath the skin causing a submucosal or posterior tongue-tie.


Step 01:Evaluation

A professional assessment by specialists to determine the treatment path, ensuring a personalized approach to care.


Step 02:Surgery

Procedure options tailored to individual needs, possibly complemented by therapy, to effectively address the condition.


Step 03:Therapy

Active rehabilitation focusing on oral muscle retraining and strength, enhancing functional outcomes and well-being.


Step 04:Support

Ongoing assistance from therapists and doctors to ensure lasting results, providing peace of mind and continuous improvement.


Trusted & Loved By Parents Like You...

Anna L.

Absolutely couldn’t recommend this place more. They truly take care of you and your babies here. I loved every single person I came into contact while I was here for my 8 week old son...

Anna L.
Charlotte S.

This practice will change your life in the most amazing ways. It is a prime example of how a medical practice should operate with holistic care and the patient at the center of everything they do...

Charlotte S.
Patti C.

The doctor is amazing. He has the BEST personality for kids and his bedside manner is wonderful. They explain everything well and even explained the possible emotional outburst...

Patti C.
Sierra B.

I cannot thank Dr. Persaud and his team enough for taking such great care of my baby! We suspected our baby had a tongue tie and was able to get in with Dr. Persaud the next day after calling his office...

Sierra B.
Nicole O.

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the outstanding care we received at the Tongue Tie Laser Center of Atlanta. From the moment we walked in the entire experience was exceptional...

Nicole O.
Jessica J.

Dr. Persuad, Amelia and Stephanie are the best of their craft. You are in the BEST of hands if you decided to go to this practice. My biggest advice is to be your own advocate as I was originally told by an ENT

Jessica J.
Jasmine H.

This was our first visit and it was very thorough and to the point. The Dr. Persaud and our OT Stephanie were both very knowledgeable and patient with us and our 12 million questions...

Jasmine H.
Lauren D.

We had a great experience here. My son Reid needed tongue / lip / cheek tie revisions done at 2 weeks old, which was an extremely emotional and worrisome thing for a new mom...

Lauren D.
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Our team is specialty trained in frenectomies and functional frenuloplasties for infants, children, and adults using the state-of-the-art LightScalpel CO2 Laser.  Come to Atlanta’s one and only Tongue-tie Center and get your release done right with our state-of-the-art CO2 laser and our team of certified professionals.

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